Remedial Sessions

Course Description

Is your child….

  • Frustrated by things that should be easy?
  • Struggling to write and keep up with the class?
  • Sleep deprived and restless?
  • Unable to stay focused in class?
  • Giving you insightful answers but the grades and class work do not match?
  • Having trouble making friends?
  • Having trouble reading?

Students attending mainstream school programs may face challenges in keeping pace with the grade level academic program they are in. The Remedial Program addresses the gaps that become a challenge for them to cope with in school. The 45 minute session focuses on building the skills in the area of challenge the student is facing. An IEP is created on request. Updates and reports are shared regularly.

Student Teacher Ratio

Maximum of 3:1


1 hour sessions from 2.30pm to 6.30pm