Early Intervention program

The Nurture Program

Course Description

Every child has a right to be able to access education! Every child has the right to be a part of the main stream system. This program is designed to give the young children with delays that chance when they would benefit from it. The primary focus of the Nurture Program is to build school readiness skills in young children, to make their transition and integration into mainstream education a smooth one.

In the early years, in children below age 6, therapies have a corrective impact. When developmental delays are addressed, the children have every opportunity to bridge the gaps. The Nurture program, for 2 hours a day, combines academics and skill building activities, along with therapies.
In the 2 hours, every day, the child learns to follow routines and builds skills to be independent. The students are introduced to language and numeracy skills along with exposure to getting to know the world around them.

HANDLE and BrainGym are the therapies that are incorporated into the 2 hour schedule. These therapies work on the theory of Neuro-plasticity. Both, HANDLE and Brain Gym, regulate sensory processing and help with balance and coordination concerns. Research has shown how effective both these therapies are when introduced in the early years.

For Children Between

1½ years to 6 years

Student Teacher Ratio

Maximum of 2:1


Option 1: 9.30am- 11.30amOption 2: 12.30pm- 2.30pm

Group size

4 Students to 2 Teachers

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