Additional Services

Course Description

There are additional services that are offered on varied days of the week which are open to the regular students of Samatha Center and to others. These sessions are conducted by professionals from their respective fields and the sessions are charged as per their individual rates.

Brain Gym group session:

Brain Gym or Educational Kinesiology is a research based therapy program that helps in coordinating the brain functions through exercises. These exercises help with issues of coordination and concentration and on-task attention.

Group sessions are conducted for parents and children to learn the exercises together for sustained impact.

Counselling sessions:

Today’s children have many questions that need correct answers. They sometimes have confusions with the multiple options they have to choose from. Cognative Behaviour Therapy and Career counselling are services available at Samatha Learning Center. The counsellors are specialists in their fields and can be contacted through the Center’s contacts.

Speech therapy:

Speech is a major form of communication. In today’s world we see children going to school earlier than ever before, as early as at 1year, and more children experiencing speech delay. Some children are speaking only after they are 3 years of age. This delay is further impacted with the social environment of school where communication is mainly verbal. The child needs to learn to speak at the earliest before behaviour becomes a concern.

A speech therapist is available at Samatha Learning Center and can be contacted through the school contact options.

Art Sessions:

Art can be a medium of communication as well as a form of relaxation. Art can be introduced as therapy or as expression. Varied art sessions are organized by different specialists for children to reap the benefits of the opportunities. These sessions are usually conducted on Saturdays and would be announced via social media and messages.

Teacher and parent workshops:

Inclusion is our ultimate ambition. Inclusion is only possible when mainstream schools, with their management and staff, are ready to support children with special needs. They also need the help and support from parents. Working towards this bigger plan, Samatha Learning Center offers workshops on varied topics for teachers and parents. Some of the topics addressed in workshops are:

  • Inclusive Education Made Possible
  • Understanding Sensory Integration
  • Understanding and Managing Behaviour
  • Addressing Sexuality and Safety with our Children
  • Classroom Teaching Strategies to Include more
  • Parenting with Confidence
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