About Us

We, at Samatha Learning Center, understand that education is more than academics. It is building of social skills and emotional connects and reasoning powers. Being educated is more than learning numbers and reading the script. It is getting the right change back after a purchase and using mediums of art and music and language to express ourselves effectively.

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Early Intervention program

Developmental delays addressed in the early years have maximum impact. Integrating into main stream education is a big possibility with this program.

School Program

An academic program combined with skill building and therapies make learning accessable for children with limiting and special abilities.

Remedial Sessions

For children with special needs to benefit from mainstream education, they need the additional support this program offers. Skills are built and strengthened and therapies are done to enhance concentration, coordination and attention.

Additional Services

Brain gym group session, counselling sessions, Speech therapy, Art Sessions, Teacher and parent workshops are some of the additional services offered at Samatha Learning Center.

What Parents Say


Autism – A little more special than typical!

Today we know of many individuals with special needs like Autism, Down's Syndrome, Developmental Delays, etc. Those of us who are one amongst the crowd are termed as typical individuals.   If you know of special needs individuals, you will...

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Autism: Different is Good!

What do we struggle most with in our relationships?
We struggle with trust. And it is a struggle because most of the time we say something and mean something else. We act in a way when we are truly feeling...

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Parenting Techniques to Raise Well-Adjusted Kids

All children want to be loved.
All children deserve the love.
All children have the right to unconditional love!
Some of the best parenting tips and techniques actually do just that!
......When we set boundaries, we give our children a feeling of...

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Calm and happy children learn!

Calm and happy children learn easily! Acceptance makes them brave! Being heard makes them feel valued!
Is there any doubt in that? When children are  happy they want to engage more! And effective learning comes from full engagement!
Samatha learning Center...

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Confidence is the core strength that defines success for every child.

Can confidence be taught?
When I am confident, it is because I know I can! And I know I can because I did it (whatever the it may be!) and recognized the strengths and capabilities in myself because of which...

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Teaching beyond education

Yes it's sad.
Yes it's a pity.
Yes it is painful to see the level of disrespect and inconsideration that is evident in the youngest strand of our society, amongst those who are being educated and that too, in this case,...

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What impacts quality of life?

- making friends
- enjoying good relations with those we value
- loving what we do
- being happy with what we have
- being valued and validated for our true selves
All this we get from building a good sense of self and...

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The Education Panel at the Let us Dream Community Conference

A unique conference was initiated by Fr Lijo of Christ College (deemed to be University) on Saturday, 16th of November, 2019, with the intent to impact the community we live in to share ideas and make a difference!
The Education...

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Best Teachers

Our teachers are all special educators trained from reputed institutes like Spastic Society of India and KPMRC. Our teachers are chosen for being much more than the educational qualification they have. They are a part of Samatha because of their compassionate and empathetic ways. They have a dedication to their profession that aligns with our Philosophy.

Many Programmes

Along with grade appropriate academic focus, therapeutic interventions support the skill developments. Therapies like Brain Gym and HANDLE are incorporated into the daily schedule for the impact we seek. Activities of daily living address the self help skills that are necessary in making the child independent in spite of challenges.